Website Promotion – Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Would you walk into a restaurant hand the waiter $100 and then walk out?? Would you go to Wal Mart pay for your weeks shopping and then leave it in the store? Of course you wouldn’t but why do you do the same thing with your websites?

For some reason people seem to think nothing of building a website then moving onto the next one before they’ve even finished promoting the original one. I can understand this as i have often got renewal requests for websites that I had completely forgotten about.

The latest was ranking at #1 in Google for a keyword phrase with almost 6,000,000 broad matches. The annoying thing was it hadn’t been monetized! Just because I am an idiot it doesn’t mean to say you need to be one too.

Part of the problem is that building websites and researching is fun whilst promoting them is boring and repetitive. None of us wants to spend out days getting back links and submitting out sites to various directories.

Luckily there are two ways around this, the first is outsourcing. Outsourcing the boring repetitive tasks is a good idea but only if your existing sites are making money. If they aren’t or you are starting out then the best way is to get your hands on some automated site promotion tools.

Site promotion tools can knock hours off of the time it takes to promote a site leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy. Why spend 5 hours submitting your sites RSS feeds to various aggregators when a tool can do it in 8 minutes.

It’s always much better to work smarter than to work harder!!

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